Let’s aim to explore the unexplored

We want to inspire discovery and development within the tourism and hospitality industry.

The perception of tourism and hospitality around the globe is in constant movement and new consumer needs challenge traditional methods. It’s paramount to stay curious. To stay open. We believe that success is nothing more and nothing less than the admirable ability to work together. Move people, projects and ideas – and share a vision.

Let’s start a conversation. Ask the questions. Be mindful of the past, present and future. What shaped your business, what drives you and what legacy do you want to leave behind? How can we be visionaries?

Our passion is to drive collaborative developments within diverse teams and groups – en route to explore the unexplored. We help leverage individual potential and assets, proactively connecting and guiding them through a structured process of co-development.

We want to inspire discovery and development within the tourism and hospitality industry. Let’s aim to explore the unexplored. Together.

What’s in it
for you?

We would like to introduce you to our Co-Development Concept. With this concept, you’ll:

connect and co-develop with new peers

identify new business opportunities

transform business ideas into specific services or products

improve existing products and services

enjoy the flow of a structured and facilitated process

refine your understanding of consumers

get access to an internationally tested concept and toolkit

If you want to get more insight as to how you can explore and expand your business, give us a call +45 20 25 13 48 or send us an e-mail karin@turismeinnovation.dk.

From a facilitators point of view

“I learned how to facilitate a product development process in a heterogeneous group with diverse areas of expertise and without previous experience of collaboration. The structured approach to involve the change of perspective on the product was also a very helpful double-check of the consistency of the product.”

Mareike Demann, Tourismusverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The Co-Development Toolkit

Whether you want to become a certified Co-Development Concept Facilitator or be guided through the innovation process, the toolkit leads the way.

The Co-Development Concept includes a toolkit. The Co-Development Toolkit is tailored to lead diverse groups and teams through the process of discovery, creation, and completion of innovative products, offers or services. The Toolkit is just as well suited for improving existing products, and the tools can even be combined in different ways according to the need.

The Co-Development Toolkit is divided into 5 modules. Combined they give you a complete framework to cover all aspects of the development process.

Each module consists of hands-on tools and exercises. They all contribute to a coherent step-by-step process making progress easy.

The Co-Development Toolkit

The Co-Development Toolkit

Module 1–5

A complete framework to cover all aspects of the development process.

Module 1

Module 1

Collaborative Innovation

Explore the potential of available resources and assets.

Module 2

Module 2

Know your customer

Find your business potential for the market demands.

Module 3

Module 3

Value Proposition

Develop a new product or service.

Module 4

Module 4

Pitch your idea

Sharpen and asses your new product or service.

Module 5

Module 5

Make it happen

Proof of concept and complete your new product or service by taking the customer’s perspective.

From a participants point of view

“We expanded our own horizons by interacting with peers from different backgrounds and countries.”

Albrecht Kurbjuhn, Hotel Polar-Stern

Four entries into co-development

We don’t necessarily believe in ‘one size fits all’. Take a look at our entry options and find yours.

Destination development

A crucial factor in developing a destination is to have tourism businesses (and preferably non-tourism professionals as well) commit and participate. Help shape the destination brand and develop offers that matches the brand and the ever-changing market.

The Co-Development Concept is ideal for this. We can facilitate a series of workshops implementing all our modules for a full exploration of collaborative business development. Or you could kick off destination collaboration with workshops based on our module 1 and 2: Making professionals get to know each other and explore their joint capabilities; And getting a common understanding of the customers and how to meet their needs.

Get in touch for a tailored offer.

Your business

The Co-Development Concept is structured for collaboration. You can benefit from it if you would like to explore the business potential of making different departments and competences in your company work together. Or perhaps you would like to explore the business potential of collaborating with other companies in the same town or area or with the same mission and vision as you.

The Co-Development Concept can help you make this happen with a facilitated process, hands on tools, and dynamic interaction.

No matter where you’re from, for example a hotel or an attraction, we will be happy to tailor a process for you.

Get in touch for a tailored offer.

Kick start events

New networking and collaboration need a good start. A facilitated event using a few of the tools and exercises from the Co-Development Toolkit module 1 can give you just that. The benefits of a 3-6 hours workshop would be:

  • You will create network between your participants
  • They will identify many capabilities for joint business
  • They experience energy, team spirit, and connection.

Facilitator Course

Would you like be a Co-Development Concept Facilitator?

During a three days course and an online follow-up workshop you will learn how to facilitate tourism development using the Co-Development Concept. You will get access to the Co-Development Toolkit and all presentation materials. Everything you need to get started facilitating groups on working together and creating tourism products and services will be available to you.

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Language: English, Danish or German.

2.150 EUR
Excl. Danish VAT 25%, travel and accommodation.
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1.790 EUR
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Maybe this sparked your curiosity

If you want to get more insight as to how you can explore and expand your business, give us a call +45 20 25 13 48 or send us an e-mail karin@turismeinnovation.dk.

Karin Melbye Holm

Karin Melbye Holm

Director & Innovation Facilitator

Mobile: +45 20 25 13 48
E-mail: karin@turismeinnovation.dk

As Director & Innovation Facilitator, Karin has the lead on facilitating the Co-Development Concept. She has more than 20 years of experience within tourism and innovation. Her mindset revolves around a holistic business perspective.

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Head of economy and administration at Vingeskibsmuseet, Roskilde.

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Owner of Schat-Holm Reklamebureau.


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